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Welcome to #SundaysOnParade!

If you’ve been with us since the beginning, welcome back and if this is your first Parade Trip with us then I hope you have a blast and join us again next week. 😀 If you have memories from seeing any of these parades in person, please feel free to share the memories with us. And as always, if you know someone who would enjoy these posts because they love parades, Disney, time travel or history please share with them.

Last week we traveled to Disneyland to see the Very Merry Christmas Parade. This week we’re sailing to Tokyo Disneyland for their Disney Classics on Parade.  The parade ran from 1988 to 1991.

For Tokyo Disneyland’s 5th anniversary this parade featured character’s from our classic favorite movies. The Evil queen as the witch, the seven dwarfs and Snow White, Baloo and Mogli from the Jungle Book, Peter Pan and Smee, Cinderella and the step sisters and more made their way through the park all led by Mickey Mouse himself.

Life long Disney lover, aspiring Interior Designer and future Disney Imagineer.

KaitLynne aspires to design hotels, theme parks and cruise ships for Disney. She recently moved from New Hampshire to be closer to Disney and to get away from the New England weather. KaitLynne also enjoys animals, music, books and Disney history.

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