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Namaste and welcome in. – Samantha 

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I once thought the world of music was where angels and demons came together in a blend of beauty and pain, dark and light, where they dance with and wrestle humanity.

A musician is a very special blend of talent, ego, and wounds. They’re an artist in a medium that is known for many of the darker shades of this life, yet the rhythms and lyrics birthed from this place speak to more of us globally than any other type of art. Who hasn’t been moved by music?

It was the music at Disney Springs, and the musicians I’ve come to know, that inspired this entire chapter of my life. As a lifelong music lover, it’s amazing to be home again at Disney and surrounded by incredible musicianship. Visit our Music Page to find information and the latest videos from all our Disney Springs favorites.

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Some of my best lifelong memories have happened around a table filled with good food. Disney Springs excels in this area since the renovation, providing unique dining experiences, a variety of flavors, creative drinks, and decadent desserts.

Come back often to our Dining Page and share a meal or a snack with us as we continue to bring you the best of Disney dining, from the Springs, and all over Walt Disney World.







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