AMC Fork & Dine Movie Reviews

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Writing and storytelling is as big a part of my life as music and Disney. As a writer nothing makes me happier than seeing stories play out on the big screen, but also, as a writer, my brain need to break them down. I need to express what worked for me and what didn’t, how I felt the characters played out, where the story went, versus where I would have taken it if I’d written it. Those are the types of things you’ll most likely see in my self-indulgent overly-romantic movie reviews. I’d really just love to share movie talk with you. So indulge me if you would, please. 

The theaters at Disney Springs are among some of the best. I particularly love the Fork and Dine and honestly think it’s worth the extra price per ticket. Also, a tip for those of you with autism or anxiety, my youngest has both and these theaters are a bit smaller, the seats a bit more encompassing, and it all makes her feel more secure which is a big plus!

The regular theaters are just as updated and clean, though, and with a Stubbs card currently it’s $5 Tuesday! 

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