Killing Me With Cuteness

Okay we have got to talk about one of my favorite Disney Springs stores, TrenD.

This store consistently wows me with their selection of cute and stylish clothing, much of it Disney inspired, but not all of it. They have a wide variety of things as well from, shirts, to skirts, dresses, shorts, hats, jewelry, and handbags! You’ll find this store at the end of the Co Op right across from the little train, or Pin Traders.

Take a look at just some of the cute finds I stumbled over the other night. I’m completely in love with the Minnie purse, but if I were a backpack person that Alice one would have my name on it… and can we talk about Marie!?!?! 

Oh my god, this stuff is adorable!

And while most of it you can find in other places across Walt Disney World, it’s just super nice to have such a collection in one place so you don’t have to schlep all over the World to find what you want.

I love that they carry so much Alice stuff too. You may have seen on my Instagram feed recently the newest shirt they carry. It’s a really pretty tee with a sheer pale blue inset, Alice on the front with the words Curiouser and Curiouser.

Plus right before Christmas they got in a series of stop watches and miscellaneous jewelry, much of it Alice inspired as well. 

This makes me very happy… if only my wallet would cheer up so I could get some of it! 😉

If you need to get something from TrenD, or anywhere else at Walt Disney World, contact my very best friend Amy at Park Shoppers and she will do her very best to set you up with everything you desire.

In the meanwhilst, I shall continue window dreaming. 

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