Club Springs!

I’m super excited to reveal the next generation of our Ohana, Club Springs!

I’m just like you, I love Disney, I love life and connecting with people, discovering what’s new, what’s special and unique, and most of all, remembering Walt, and his dream for what we all love so much. We do this together every day in our Ohana. We share life, we share Disney, we love and laugh and take in the parks together.

Your monthly subscription gives you access to our private Facebook group where we live stream multiple times most weeks from all over Walt Disney World. We are always on the lookout for exclusives and first looks at what’s new, we go on rides, take in shows, we have our infamous park closing walkouts, and sometimes, we simply traverse the parks discovering the details, taking in the lesser known side of Disney (the quiet spots) and revisiting what you already love. We celebrate birthdays, have magical drawings for Disney trinkets and each membership comes with our exclusive and original *Ohana Pin. 


Membership Includes:


  • Exclusive Live Streams: Live streams from all over Disney World, including special events, rides, shows, and some backstage secrets too.
  • Celebrate Ohana! This is a full day of streams each month, bringing you a virtual day at Walt Disney World while we celebrate our connection and family.
  • Ohana Pin: An originally designed pin featuring an arm in arm Mickey and Oswald
  • Magical Mailings: Random drawings for Disney trinkets like pins, maps, celebration pins, things we pick up in the park that you may not be able to get anywhere else and occasionally some special park merchandise finds their way into the box as well.
  • Behind the Scenes Access to EVERYTHING! Whatever is going on in life, whether we’re filming our latest video, interviewing a Disney legend, or simply living our Disney life, you’ll have behind the scenes access and get the first look at everything that goes on at My Springs Life.

Your membership also includes a subscription to Springs Life Weekly

Use the button below to sign up. Upon completing your transaction with Paypal, you’ll be taken to our FB group where you can request to join us. This group is the connection point for the Ohana. It is where you’ll find our exclusive live streams from all over Disney World. This group is truly special, we see each other through the tough times, we love a lot, and laugh all the time. We may just be the Disney family you’re looking for.

*Ohana pin available while supplies last.


If you are interested in being a part of the bigger Samantha journey, including books, twin flames, spirituality and behind the scenes access, join her on Patreon at the $10 level ($12 for twin flames) and you’ll have access to all that’s listed here and everything else too.